Receive and send cryptocurrency easly

CryptoCurrency API service is the fastest and easiest
way to operate (receive and send) with a crypto currency wallet

We support the following crypto currencies: BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE, BCH

We don't take a percentage from a transaction and do not require a monthly fee

You pay only 0.01$ for each API request

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API documentation<METHOD>?key=<YOUR_API_KEY>&currency=<CCUR>&param1=value1&param2=value2&...

Parameter Description Example
METHOD One of the methods:
give - Create new address
balance - Get balance of primary address
send - Create request of sending coins from primary address to any another
status - Get status of request
track - Track transaction of receiving coins with fixed amount
YOUR_API_KEY Your API access key from settings 8c2dc9d3fa-df73e0d10d-1715eb503f-685b1965d8
currency CCUR (cryptocurrency):
BTC - Bitcoin
LTC - Litecoin
DASH - Dash
DOGE - Dogecoin
BCH - BitcoinCash
from* Primary address selection 1BmWHmDSu743vALbFYmWMegSUgnVp4vq23
address Destination address 1BmWHmDSu743vALbFYmWMegSUgnVp4vq23
amount Amount of coins 0.12345678
statusURL* (URL-encoded) URL to your IPN handler https://your-domain/handler.php?a=1&b=2
tag* Tag or label of operation oper12
fee* Fee amount (value < 1.000) or Fee price in sat/B (value >= 1.000) 0.00025
multi* Combine multiple requests into a single transaction 1